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In 1968, during a family vacation in Europe young Rodney Key was badly burned over eighty percent of his body when he fell into a vat of boiling hot water. Being isolated on the small island of Malta, his family had no other options than to call upon a group of Catholic nuns who dressed the young boy's wounds and sped him off to a local hospital.

Norman Key, Rodney's father, was beside himself with grief and worry, and in the absence of any tangible qualified medical help the boy's father turned to prayer. He remembered his youth and of being taught to pray in the Clopton Chapel of Holy Trinity Church in Stratford on Avon, England. It was proper prayer that at first centered on repeating age-old prayers and in time turned to scripture and some deep soul searching. Norman Key made peace with accepting God's will but made a promise to return to his faith at the Stratford Chapel of his youth if his son was spared.

In a matter of days the wounds of the young boy began to heal. Modern medicine was matched in this ancient island village of Malta, by deeply religious nuns who applied a special salve that had worked miracles for centuries. Within a week, young Rodney was sitting up and ingesting liquids and in several weeks the boy again had use of his arms and legs.

Within thirty days the Key family returned to their home in England and Norman Key began a renewed life of prayer and good works. Rodney Key also began his prayer life at the Stratford Chapel and knew someday that he along with his father would dedicate a portion of their work life to the memory of this family miracle. Stratford Chapel and the pursuit of fine religious printing is a reminder to the Key family of that special time when the good Lord spared the life of young Rodney Key.

We at Stratford Chapel look forward to supplying your church or school with the finest quality inspirational printing, inspired by old world English lithography merged with state of the art computer to plate personalized printing. All the while, continuing to stay true to the miracle that was inspired by Stratford Chapel, a church that Christians have worshipped at for over 1100 years.