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  Creed Jewelry

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  Creed Bracelets

We offer affordable bracelets jewelry! Have that glamorous look at a great price!

  Creed Medals

Patron Saint and other Devotional Medals in Sterling Silver, Gold Filled and Gold. Beautiful, unique designs at great prices.
Many hard to find saints available.

  Creed Rosaries

We have a large selection of quality rosaries along with a variety of beautiful rosary bracelets.

After selling for other jewelry firms in New England for close to ten years William Creed started his own business after World War II in an effort to offer better quality and a wider selection of products then other inspirational jewelry firms in the area.

William began in earnest to add subjects and styles and poured profits back into the company with new dies and better designs. He traveled to Europe in the late forties and developed a relationship with the renowned Swarovski firm of Austria. Traveling to the Czech Republic he forged buying contracts with all the best Czech crystal manufacturers for a new line of Creed rosaries.

Although a great start, Creed was just in its infancy when poor health sidelined William and forced his son Jack to enter the family business. Jack Creed drew upon the many talks he had with his father in the early days when William had just started the business and Jack was a teenager. He understood instinctively what the customer wanted and his father's vision of what Creed could become. With a better education then his father, and a flair for marketing, Creed blossomed in the fifties with young Jack at the helm. The renowned Swarovski Company of Vienna, Austria introduced the "Aurora Borealis" finish in the early fifties for their women's jewelry line and Jack thought it only natural to offer this brilliant finish on Catholic rosaries. Using techniques borrowed from Italian jewelers Jack initiated "capped" rosary beads and "loc-link" construction that revolutionized rosary making in America at the time. With an extended medal line and the finest rosaries the Creed Company soon became what William Creed envisioned in the beginning days of his career. The quality and selection that was William's dream was made a reality by his loving son Jack.

All sterling medals, crosses and crucifixes manufactured by Creed are individually die struck, in the age old jewelry making tradition, from a solid bar of sterling silver or gold. Every hand crafted piece of jewelry will experience up to fifteen hand operations, by experienced craftsmen, to create our exquisite jewelry treasures.

Today Creed products are sold all over the world to Christian retailers who understand the essence of quality that William and Jack Creed demanded of their employees from the very beginning. Although the Creed family is no longer involved in the business they are proud of their legacy and believe in our commitment to "The World's Finest Religious Jewelry Masterpieces."