If you have questions or comments regarding your Christian Brands account information, previous orders, invoices, returns, or where to remit payments, please call our Customer Service department for fast, friendly service at 800.341.2350

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Address: 5226 S 31st Place, Phoenix, AZ 85040, United States
Phone:    800-341-2350

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Address: 1013 Veterans Dr Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091-6862 United States
Phone:    800-341-2350


Paul DiGiovanni

Tom DiGiovanni
Vice President

Vice Presidents

Brian Schroeder
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Bryan McMahon
Vice President & CFO

Monte Mertens
Vice President of Operations


Aaron Popp
Director of Operations

Beth Williams
Director of New Product Development

Lindsey Blumears
Director of Supply Chain

Linwood Metts
President of Heartfelt

Mary Ellen Wanamaker
Director, Marketing and Circulation

Michael Treen
Director, Information Systems