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In late October of 1946, a chaplain visited Ignatius DiGiovanni during a long hospital stay. With books and long discussions this chaplain, with God's grace, was able to renew the faith of Ignatius DiGiovanni.

As a ministry and a desire for a new career, young Ignatius with his new bride Antoinette moved from Brooklyn, New York, to Phoenix, Arizona, and started the Autom brand. Ignatius DiGiovanni, new to town, somehow convinced the Franciscan Fathers of St. Mary's Church to pay his first six months' rent at the Phoenix bus terminal if he used, in his words, his "vast experience" in the religious goods business to open a retail store.

Ignatius noticed that many young priests were stopping by the store in its first year. It was usually on their day off and the only transportation they could afford was the city bus. Therefore, as luck would have it, all the potential pastors of the boomtown of Phoenix would pass by the small retail store on their way to downtown. Friendships were forged that would last a lifetime, and Ignatius bonded with the future leaders of the Diocese of Phoenix and Tucson.

As the original catalog for Christian Brands, Autom has proved itself throughout the years as the low price leader in the Catholic church supply industry offering quality religious goods and church supplies at unbeatable pricing. What started as a dream for a young couple from Brooklyn, NY, has turned into the largest Catholic Church supply firm in the United States. Autom mails in excess of four million catalogs a year to Catholic churches, schools, retreats and convents. We carry of variety of books, religious articles, cards, figurines, textiles, metal ware and candles.