Since 1948, Christian Brands has been in business selling inspirational product to churches and retailers worldwide. Christian Brands is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, with a state of the art call center and distribution center in Lewisburg, Tennessee. We are continually growing our business by developing and acquiring brands that share a common "Christian" theme.

Our management team is excited to be combining financial resources, experienced Asian product sourcing, current digital technology and aggressive marketing, to meld a corporate structure that enhances and builds viable Christian brands.

Our founders, Ignatius and Antoinette DiGiovanni, left Brooklyn, NY in 1946, and headed west to a small farming community in Arizona. Within two years they started their business with little more than a strong Christian faith and a determination to succeed. In 1973, Ignatius passed away, but Antoinette is still active today in the business, along with her two sons Paul and Thomas and her daughter Alice.

Over the years, we have had various opportunities to move our business into the mainstream secular world, but have always resisted. Today, we still stand true to our roots and are committed to "spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ" in both word and deed.

We have enjoyed building brands organically, but have found this to be a long process. Therefore, we have intensified our efforts to network in the Christian marketplace in an effort to acquire recognizable brands with potential growth. In 2001, we acquired a small church furniture company by the name of Robert Smith, and have experienced staggering growth. In January of 2008, we acquired Will & Baumer Candle Company of Syracuse, New York. Will & Baumer is the oldest candle company in America and for the past 155 years has remained the leading candle supplier for both Catholic and Christian churches. We also welcomed Will & Baumer's loyal dealer network, as we felt it would add value for our other reseller brands.

Our new name, "Christian Brands," for us, represents a "family of Christian Brands," and embodies what we do and how we view the world. Each of our brands remains true to both ministry and commerce. We recognize the necessity of a return on investment, but also place a high importance on the spiritual return. Each one of our brands strives to be the industry leader, as we pull together as a group of Christian individuals united under a common goal with Christian values and a Christian mission.

Many kind and committed people have participated in the fantastic growth of Christian Brands. Without their support and effort, the firm of today would only be a dream. An equal challenge is in store for tomorrow: The DiGiovanni family members, along with our directors and managers, must lead our company toward the new Christian Brands that is mindful of the past, but bold enough to secure a place in the future.